Colour Blind.

Reading or hearing Colour Blind gives you a picture of people who cannot see colours completely or partially. Well even I have issues when it gets to the shades of sea green and blue, can’t accurately say which is which. But that’s minor. People don’t recognize many colours, all variations of orange are orange, they don’t know about saffron, chromium etc. etc., that they are not same, they are different.

When it comes to human beings, we have choices, the good, the bad, the ugly. Sadly, it doesn’t end there. We distinguish people with skin colours too. It is such a rude psychology to distinguish human with colours. Caucasian, hispanic, red, yellow, olive and so on. What wonderful names and spellings.

In India we have fair, brown(wheatish) and dark. People have their choices of colour and put others in these 3 slots and behave accordingly. Fair skinned people are always termed as beautiful, brown are kind of okay and dark are ignored. Hehehe yes, people i know have spoken so.

I generalize people with their behaviour, the good, the helpful , the simple, the down to earth, the smiling, the understanding and many more. Colour has no relation with me. I am an artist and I love all colours.

I was watching a movie and the story belonged to early 1900s where people with different colour had wars. (To cut the long story short). There’s a little girl who is born to an african father and an english mother. As she starts school the story begins, how a child is distinguised with colour and harassed by children.

She goes to the church , crying her heart out, not understanding the discriminations people have created. On hearing her cry in a empty church, the priest comes to her and asks her why she is crying. She asks the priest if God won’t allow her in heaven because of her colour. The priest tells her that

The doors of heaven are open for everyone. God doesn’t discrimate.




Once upon a time, I was asked in an interview about my favorite story,

‘A Little Match Girl’ was my prompt reply.

Till date I am not sure about that one thing that still makes me like the story. there were so many things I guess, the style of narration, the story line, the details in it, the good part, the sad part, so many things rolled in one.

Thinking about it today, it just occurs to me that the best thing about the story is the MAGIC.

Not that i believe staunchly in Magic, magician or things happening to me without efforts, It’s the word ‘MAGIC’.

The Magic in the word ‘MAGIC’. It lights me up, brightens my smile and lifts my spirits. It gives me a freshness about life and belief that in this temporary life; unexpected things can happen and we can always dream, expect, realize and recognize some things to happen.

Life does take a turn, sometimes suddenly, so stay happy and hopeful and feel the MAGIC. A MAGIC of every NOW.

I want to live 200 years

Once a teacher asked our class: ‘Who wants to live 200 years?’

I was the only one to raise my hand. heheheheh… an instant reaction to the question was an excited hand without a single thought.

I just said: “I want to live 200 years”.

Th teacher and the students laughed on me.

Still I kept my composure and smiled.i knew at that time that I have so much to do, so much to explore, so much to learn in this wide world and about this wide world and the life given.

Maybe on my 200th birthday i will make a wish blowing my candles:’God i want some more years, so much is left’.

I hear people dying everyday and it just gives me ;this thought that they chose to die as they chose to do nothing about their life. Poor people, they don’t realize that so much can be done everyday if they wish, want to and try to.

People usually die when they are not sure of their purpose or don’t have any purpose.

I am all ready with a long to do list, with a tortoise pace and wishing myself a Happy Journey everyday.


My Soap Opera World

I shifted to a new place 2 months before. There has been a change of life drama since then. Variety of people like a box of chocolates, different, very different from what i have met or stayed with all these years.

Everyday its kind of a new day. You have to be ready to play a new role in a new surprise drama. 3 people and 12 different dramas come out of all 3 periods of the day. You can never guess what is going to be when you wake up and before you sleep.

I think it has never been such a satisfying life before all this drama started in my life. Its almost like a Live Soap Opera, camera rolling and we playing our parts in real, no fake faces worn, no make up (in shorts and spaghetti), no lines, no rehearsals, its all instant and a surprise.

Welcome to my Soap Opera World.

The pee story

Today morning was so cool, work on mind, cleaning, cooking, recipes, brainstorming of logo design, phew… things were going right and bang on time happening. But as you know the day doesn’t go as you plan. The test is always on with if you could finish the planned things or not with all the consequences that comes before your plans.

Finished cleaning, cooking and merrily went to maid to give a hand. But giving a hand took away my blood too. I was taking out a jar from the water tub and what happens out of blue…. red blood is streaming out of my finger tip and i kept looking at it with wonder. How did i get a cut????? The blood was oozing like it is never going to stop and my heart was sinking to lose as it takes so many months and lots of food to manufacture a drop of blood. Here a 10ml bottle is filling up and i could not think of anything. But that was not it. The painful part was here. I had to go to pee.



I just couldn’t wait, I had to go. But how??? The blood kept running and my finger paining, what to do and how to go. The home remedy seemed not working. I pressed and pressed the turmeric and cotton on the wound but no sign of  relief. Finally after 20 minutes the cotton was bloody red and no sign of blood streaming out like a spring. The instant reaction to that was,rush to the loo. Finally, i was at peace.

I am still wondering what is the connection between getting hurt and the utter pee pressure that occurs.

My nephew and me-Fire and Ice

My nephew and myself have some amazingly similar qualities which proves to create fire between us. We both have an inclination towards art, we are highly imaginative, colorful, quiet, naughty at times, talkative at times. All these similarities are the reason for the fire and ice effect. All the similarities are ice but when the transfer of words begin then there comes the fire effect. We both have our own ideas which we do not like anyone to change.  We just put our foot down with our choice and one word by anyone is a disaster calling. We are stubborn, our idea is the last one that exists and will be followed, however wrong we are, we take risk to be wrong then not trying once. color combination are ours, we don’t take advice of each other, or the other person.

Being a grown up i do appreciate work done by others and i do appreciate him too but he is staunch. He likes everyone appreciating his work but he will take time to look at the other’s work, verify it and then think and nod his head, on asking he says’ hmmm it is good’, that’s it, there is no expression on his face; just that it is good.

We usually have fights on petty things like who will reach faster to his mom, who will have full attention of his mom(my sister), who will finish the biscuits last and who will not speak when the other one wants utter silence in the room. He is a fire sign and i am an air sign and usually i have to keep my weapons away as i want to talk to him and play with him and do those silly kiddie things i can, in short; be a kid with him again.

When we are good we are good but when we are mad then we are too mad. We are never balanced, we have our scales tipping at extremes. Its super fun though. But when it comes to the paper, color and ideas then we are onto ourselves, our worlds, our ideas and our stubborn self. The biggest sufferer of our mood swings, tantrums and complains for each other is his mom who bears us to our extremes and is always found sitting in between us so we don’t end up biting or pulling each other’s hair or yelling or kicking.


You won’t believe, where you see us ending all these, we lie down laughing and telling each other “what fun it was”.



Stars in my eyes

Twinkling were the stars of sky
and so were they in water,
as i came near to admire the reflection,
I realized they were boats
with little lights floating on water.
Could not stop singing
twinkle twinkle little stars,
beautiful in water and sky.
How wonderful if I could pluck two of them
and save them in my eyes.

My Rubik’s Cube

Read this article about Rubik’s cube.

Erno Rubik, a Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, came up with the design of the cube in year 1974. He licensed it with the company Ideal Toys in 1980.

This words took me down to the memory lane. I was around 7 when Rubik’s cube was gifted by my uncle.

Very fascinated with multi-color squares, i thought it must be very interesting. He showed how to play and then gave me a chance to solve it. With all the colors now jumbled up i was excited to solve it.

Didn’t have a faint idea for what is coming up.

With all my imagination and patience i started moving the cubes to and fro. There was a smile on my face as i couldn’t set the colors right, thinking i am bit away from solving it.

Minutes turned into half an hour, then an hour and as time went, my smile turned into a frown and then frustration.

My kid sister sat by my side looking at the cube and my face alternatively. It was a second when i held it to be throw away. But a wonderful idea saved it from turning into small pieces of cubes.

In minutes i was removing the same colored stickers and sticking on the same face of the cube. Finished the final version of the cube; same as it arrived and quite contended. Ran up to my uncle and showed him the non-impressive stickers dropping out of the face, the most embarrassing act i was caught for performing.

That was the first and the last time i played it, i would just kick it in a corner every time it jumped out of my toy cupboard.

Today, Rubik’s cube is the most fascinating toy i like to take up any time and any where i see, Start to solve it, end up pulling my hair and keeping it away from my eyes. Still not a cube person it seems.

Child Labour!!?!!

So much goes around for ‘Child Labour’, Not to make a child work till s/he is a teenager.

Heard the latest news on TV that the government appointed an 8th grade kid to operate a Road Roller.

And no doubts in it, he was efficiently operating it and happily getting himself on live TV.

Now ‘Are we trying to make a Child a Labour’ or the ‘Child loves the Labour work’.

Still wondering.