A quiet self

Sit in a quiet place,

Quieten your self,

You will hear

The rarest of musical notes

Directed from the universe

That syncs with

The notes of your soul.


Tea Cup

A cup of tea is all I want in any state, come sun, come moon, come rain, come winter. A cup of tea is like a replenisher of heart and soul.

My day starts with a cup of ginger tea and ends with another cup of ginger tea.

I am best friends with people who love tea. Loving tea means ready to drink any hour of the day or night, after lunch or dinner, before lunch or dinner, while chit chatting, anyone is depressed or upset, can’t have good thoughts, there is no motivation today. A cup of ginger tea helps in everything. Right fron being an eye opener to heart opener, it looks after everything.

I really wonder how do people survive who doesn’t like tea???

I have made friends over tea, mended hearts over tea, cooled my anger with a tea .

A cup of tea and a gush of good thoughts and ideas. A cup of tea and a divinity falls upon my soul.

How can someone not love tea? It just does so many things. 🙂 ×3

Travellers teach

We are born alone and die alone. It is no rocket science to understand it.

Spending forty years on the planet earth has been an interesting trip. Roads that went uphill and dropped into valleys, some places it was easy to climb and appreciate the surroundings, some places it was painstaking. Painstaking is to such an extent that we want to stop traveling.

No, that’s not what we have to do, we are to travel long and short, high and low , just travel.

Traveling actually is no big deal, its simple, its what everybody does and would want to do with their two feet, hands and eyes to see, brain to understand and appreciate. The important part is what we see, what we understand, what we leave and what we take with us further.

We are our experiences. We can’t escape our experience. We can’t stop meeting other travelers. We like, we dislike, we fall in love, we trust, we break, we are made, supported, so many varied experiences. The bag is full of all kinds of it when its time to leave earth. Its all okay. We don’t take anything with us.

The profound thing is about the travelers we meet.

Everyone has something to teach us, everyone has to tell something we don’t know, everyone is half empty and half full.

My unknown birthday gift

Oh well, it is not my birthday and not coming soon too. It’s mant more months to go, rather it was just 3 months ago.

This birthday gift snap comes from my friend this morning on message. Asking, ‘Do you remeber this?’

Me:’ what? The book or some poem we wrote and that got published in this book?’

Didn’t know why exactly she was sharing this picture for.

Few minutes later her message popped., ‘hey its your birthday gift, we gifted you years back.’

I was scratching my head, pulling my hair, tapping my brains when was this gifted to me!!!

I tried to assume everything that could have happened with this book.

Why is my birthday gift still with her?

Which birthday she gifted me this book?

Did she lend it from me to read after gifting?

Or !!!!!!?????

Finally, I asked her the million dollar question.

I don’t remember this book.

‘Did you ever give me this gift? Did you by any chance forget to give it to me.’

To which she had to write back,

‘seems so’


This is how my friends are, my loving and dear ones.

Colour Blind.

Reading or hearing Colour Blind gives you a picture of people who cannot see colours completely or partially. Well even I have issues when it gets to the shades of sea green and blue, can’t accurately say which is which. But that’s minor. People don’t recognize many colours, all variations of orange are orange, they don’t know about saffron, chromium etc. etc., that they are not same, they are different.

When it comes to human beings, we have choices, the good, the bad, the ugly. Sadly, it doesn’t end there. We distinguish people with skin colours too. It is such a rude psychology to distinguish human with colours. Caucasian, hispanic, red, yellow, olive and so on. What wonderful names and spellings.

In India we have fair, brown(wheatish) and dark. People have their choices of colour and put others in these 3 slots and behave accordingly. Fair skinned people are always termed as beautiful, brown are kind of okay and dark are ignored. Hehehe yes, people i know have spoken so.

I generalize people with their behaviour, the good, the helpful , the simple, the down to earth, the smiling, the understanding and many more. Colour has no relation with me. I am an artist and I love all colours.

I was watching a movie and the story belonged to early 1900s where people with different colour had wars. (To cut the long story short). There’s a little girl who is born to an african father and an english mother. As she starts school the story begins, how a child is distinguised with colour and harassed by children.

She goes to the church , crying her heart out, not understanding the discriminations people have created. On hearing her cry in a empty church, the priest comes to her and asks her why she is crying. She asks the priest if God won’t allow her in heaven because of her colour. The priest tells her that

The doors of heaven are open for everyone. God doesn’t discrimate.



Once upon a time, I was asked in an interview about my favorite story,

‘A Little Match Girl’ was my prompt reply.

Till date I am not sure about that one thing that still makes me like the story. there were so many things I guess, the style of narration, the story line, the details in it, the good part, the sad part, so many things rolled in one.

Thinking about it today, it just occurs to me that the best thing about the story is the MAGIC.

Not that i believe staunchly in Magic, magician or things happening to me without efforts, It’s the word ‘MAGIC’.

The Magic in the word ‘MAGIC’. It lights me up, brightens my smile and lifts my spirits. It gives me a freshness about life and belief that in this temporary life; unexpected things can happen and we can always dream, expect, realize and recognize some things to happen.

Life does take a turn, sometimes suddenly, so stay happy and hopeful and feel the MAGIC. A MAGIC of every NOW.

I want to live 200 years

Once a teacher asked our class: ‘Who wants to live 200 years?’

I was the only one to raise my hand. heheheheh… an instant reaction to the question was an excited hand without a single thought.

I just said: “I want to live 200 years”.

Th teacher and the students laughed on me.

Still I kept my composure and smiled.i knew at that time that I have so much to do, so much to explore, so much to learn in this wide world and about this wide world and the life given.

Maybe on my 200th birthday i will make a wish blowing my candles:’God i want some more years, so much is left’.

I hear people dying everyday and it just gives me ;this thought that they chose to die as they chose to do nothing about their life. Poor people, they don’t realize that so much can be done everyday if they wish, want to and try to.

People usually die when they are not sure of their purpose or don’t have any purpose.

I am all ready with a long to do list, with a tortoise pace and wishing myself a Happy Journey everyday.


My Soap Opera World

I shifted to a new place 2 months before. There has been a change of life drama since then. Variety of people like a box of chocolates, different, very different from what i have met or stayed with all these years.

Everyday its kind of a new day. You have to be ready to play a new role in a new surprise drama. 3 people and 12 different dramas come out of all 3 periods of the day. You can never guess what is going to be when you wake up and before you sleep.

I think it has never been such a satisfying life before all this drama started in my life. Its almost like a Live Soap Opera, camera rolling and we playing our parts in real, no fake faces worn, no make up (in shorts and spaghetti), no lines, no rehearsals, its all instant and a surprise.

Welcome to my Soap Opera World.