at last

at last.

its time that i start writing again. as a child i did write poetry and was appreciated for my simple language and thoughts but things seem to have changed a lot within me. there are so many thoughts that i get short of words and my mind races faster then my fingers. hope there is again an amalgamation of both and i write for myself as i used to do.

there was a time when i did write and write till my eyes were closed and my pen still wrote. i did write in day light and i did write without light, in the morning on checking the page i would be unable to figure out which set of words create a right sentence.

pen and paper always mesmerized me and i would keep writing writing and writing till it was morning and sleep in fear that my parents would know i am still awake and would scream. i cherish reading those scribbled pages,  note books and diaries again and again. still love to bring them out once a year out of those cupboards and read them once.

its time again.  i have pulled my fingers and cracked those knuckles and started writing on my laptop to avoid those scribbled flying pages to fill those empty spaces in life that were without words. i would just fill up these pages with my old poems and new posts to cherish in my future again.