Hiccups on being with food

Kitchen and Me are two sides of a coin, NO NO..  let me correct it two sides of the world.

The way i fear to go in the kitchen, i am sure the kitchen feels the same.

It has been bitter, sour, chilly, salty, spicy and tasty concoction of experiences.

Hope you like them as much as i am enjoying to share my foolishness with all.


My Backpack and Me, a wonder pair

My Backpack. My Friend. My Travel mate.

Never leave it when I travel.

It is an absolutely non-living thing and I prove it by stuffing, stuffing and stuffing more of my needful things till it is more than my weight. It never says a word and I take disadvantage of this non-living thing.

I can say it has been a loyal travel mate through last 3 years. It has experienced the dripping shampoo from bottle, the deodorants, has powdered itself and carried my first aid medicines. Never forgot a thing.

The most memorable is my Poona trip.

I boarded the bus and settled with my Backpack besides me. The lady besides me requested to put my luggage on the overhead luggage rack. I smirked at her and then with no shame told her that it is over stuffed. Still on her request I had to try stuffing it on rack. I lifted it in two hands, felt like I was lifting weights in a gym, and started pushing in the rack. My trial failed. Looked at the lady but she seemed to be adamant with her eyes stuck on my Backpack so thought to give it a second try.

Well it had to somehow settle. So it did.

But the surprise had to come. From one where in the world I had to get up and my Backpack had to come to me. In seconds without realizing about the coming future, I found myself flat on the bus floor with my Backpack on me.


For few seconds I was flabbergasted, almost in different world with stars and sparrows around my eyes and head. I saw the lady peering through her glasses at me. I was so confused, did not know what to do, lift myself or my Backpack. With great might I lifted my bag, set it aside and got up. But found that those pair of eyes were still stuck on my luggage, making it clear to me I have to go back to the overhead rack. Looking around how many eyes are on me, I had to manage to stuff my Backpack. Poor thing had to part.

Rest of the journey I kept one eye on my Backpack, not out of concern, I was jittery, never know when it comes back to me.

This is not the end of our love story. There are still some more stories of both of us to come. …

Post by Post.

Yes, we always end up with a HAPPY AND SAFE JOURNEY