Dew drops on my palm

i raised my hands high in air,
my palms towards the sky,
had many questions on existence,
so prayed to god to come by.

with the palms still stretched in the air
i felt some serving dew
i felt like god was telling me:
‘i m here, i m here,
and i always knew.
knew that u would call up on me,
with questions of this life,
to calm your restless soul
u will stretch your arms high in the air,
i knew u would be crying your heart and
i would give u a sign
with some dew drops on your palm,
i shall give you peace and calm.’

don’t raise questions in your head
no use, nothing to define,
i give u time to explore the world,
to see, feel, breath and touch,
just be happy with the existence
that is what i have for Now.
breath, breath and breath deeper,
that is essence of life.

i never put you on this earth
to question about the life.
u came in your naked self
and u will leave like it once.


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