‘Sprawling’- word on my lips.

‘Sprawling’ is the word on my lips.

Sprawling beauty, sprawling greenery, sprawling bird sounds, sprawling blue sky and beautiful sprawling fluffy clouds.
On and on I go with the word and its usage today. The instance the word struck my mind I fell in love with the wideness it had in the small spelling. Pronouncing it feels like I am making the best use of my tongue, many tongue exercises at a time (maybe just nearby kissing, though I can compare it till I go for a real one).

We were talking about cash back on the credit cards, knowing its advantages I excitedly said, ‘what a sprawling benefit of credit cards’ (I don’t believe in credit cards and don’t own one yet).

My dad gives me this weird look and asks how a word like sprawling goes with the credit card.

He is a man of words, perfect words in a sentence, very selective while using vocabulary. He is sure that today’s kids have the worst language skills; we are not even average in any single language out of 3 we can speak, read and write.

Poor marks from him as always.

But my love for the word did not end for the day. The more I misused the word the more my dad looked through his glasses and gives me those killing looks (I cannot wait to kill you for this wrong word, hehehe).

I had a sprawling evening. I watched a sprawling move and now a sprawling night ahead. Finally at night I checked the meaning of the word, it said something like ‘spreading unevenly’. ‘expanding’ and many more words. I was happy to know that in short it meant something increasing, in abundance, just like the abundant happiness it gave me by speaking it.
Hope to have a sprawling tomorrow and a sprawling new word.