Joys of the Rains

A warm welcome to the Rains.

I have been reading those Facebook posts about raining everywhere.

!!! Boring !!!

As if others can’t see it’s raining, other can’t watch or read news that it’s raining at other places too.
Still there is some joy about the rains. A joy in declaring ‘it rained’ or ‘it’s raining’, ‘it is going to rain’.
It changes everything. The nature seems to have washed off the old with rains. All the dust is washed off from the leaves and trunks. The quality of blue sky changes when it is clear. The sun seems to shine softer and on and off those grey clouds in different shades bring a relief. Mustn’t forget the Rainbow, as many times you see it brings a radiant smile, though have watched hundreds of times since childhood, but there is some unexplained joy that rain brings to heart, every expression changes.

It surely is a relief after a long killing summer. The summer; when you are soaked in sweat, the summer when you just wish it rains right now… right now. I would avoid going out and if I have to then I look for shades to walk under. I do this crazy thing to walk in a shop for some relief; it surely is shameful that I don’t buy anything. I am surely more shameless to let the shopkeeper know I just came to rescue myself from the heat. The crisis just makes you do things beyond your imagination. Just like it makes us do so unimaginable things as it starts raining. So much to think as the clouds gathers.

One starts singing the rain songs. You just crazily search for the umbrella and raincoats in the storage rooms. I don’t forget buying coffee in stock, wonder when I will want to sip a warm cup. The rainy shoes and sandals are out on the stand, the clothes, oh the cotton ones are in and some thin; easy to dry ones are out to be worn.
As soon as I am out, I never leave a chance to stamp in the puddle. Who cares what happens to the clothes and footwear.

It’s funny when you are rushing to reach somewhere the umbrella tends to become a bat, that’s the time when I hate the rain, soaking in water and I have to meet people. And not to forget to yell, ‘Oh you idiot’ just as a car races through the running water on roads and I am wet more than I could dry up in minutes. That is the time when all the joy and fun about the rain vanishes from thin air and I start cursing. Hehehehe………..
Anywhere I go; I never refuse for the ginger tea offered. Oh the yummy ginger that soothes the throat and gives warmth. Not forgetting the oily pakodas (dumplings) with the tea, it is by default served while it is raining.
There is so much to come in the season and many things to enjoy and share. Let me know what you enjoy about the rains.

Well, let’s wait for how well it rains this season and the joy it gives every soul.


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