The Night is still on

See I told you there are so many things the rains will bring with it. I am just desperate to share the night scene. I work at night and it is really an experience in the rainy season.
The air is thin and there is so much peace in the atmosphere. You can hear someone yawning in the next house, a dog barking far away in some society and then it starts raining. Raining, raining, raining, what you hear is the water pouring from the clouds. That is cool to hear.

The ‘not so cool thing’ to hear is the symphony of frogs, toads and other species. Their noise is a continuous symphony you can hear and it makes me feel like I am in some deep forest with only trees around. They are joined by crickets too.

There are trees and plants around my house and to make it more scenic the garden has a huge area of grass. Now that’s where all the bands reside. There are small frogs to big toads; they are of low decibel and octaves to high decibel and octaves. How do you think they would sound continuously?? Not fascinating at all. It is creepier and wishes they just stop.

To add to all this, after 3 am it is the koel bird that starts, joined by the crow with other messages. Far in some place the dogs are still barking. There is always some cacophony when the growling trucks pass by on the highway near my dwelling place.

It is funny that till 3.30AM my ears get used to all the sounds and adjust and enjoy and I see the day break with some more birds joining. Did I tell you about the Black Heron nesting in the trees nearby!

Oh how do I forget to talk about the irritating clattering noise of the Egret babies?

And they are grown up noisy babies now.

Good Morning.


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