Learn to Live, Live to Learn

What to say about ‘Learn to Live, Live to Learn’, words that I believe and live on. The urge to question, search and learn does not end anywhere.

Recently, I got into some handmade jewellery making and that has rose so much curiosity in me to search some new implementations and experiment in my jewellery. I learnt beading work few days back and used the basic beading art in some works I did thereafter. The outcome is awesome and want to learn more in it so I become proficient enough to mix and match and create something new.

But that’s not the end of learning.

I am friends on facebook with people who are glass artists, amazing work they do. The lampwork is awesome and amazing little products are created by the artists. A great fan of Dale Chihuly and Lino Taglipietra, they are glass artists with patience, perseverance, dreams and real works done. Whenever I want to boost my mood, creative instincts, inspirations and a kick in my ass to dream and work, I just start going through their works and I get started with my work and imaginations. Its a great boost to be able to see works of some great artists. But the lampworks and huge glass work installations have created an urge to learn blowing glass.
I want to, I want to, I want to learn.
I was thinking if there is time to learn and if it is possible and suddenly I thought I have a long life to live and I will always find time to learn it for myself.

I wonder why people think that learning is over as soon as college is over. They just want to learn lessons of life and think the responsibilities is the end to everything. I wonder when I will find time next to write as I am still busy learning beading work.