My Rubik’s Cube

Read this article about Rubik’s cube.

Erno Rubik, a Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, came up with the design of the cube in year 1974. He licensed it with the company Ideal Toys in 1980.

This words took me down to the memory lane. I was around 7 when Rubik’s cube was gifted by my uncle.

Very fascinated with multi-color squares, i thought it must be very interesting. He showed how to play and then gave me a chance to solve it. With all the colors now jumbled up i was excited to solve it.

Didn’t have a faint idea for what is coming up.

With all my imagination and patience i started moving the cubes to and fro. There was a smile on my face as i couldn’t set the colors right, thinking i am bit away from solving it.

Minutes turned into half an hour, then an hour and as time went, my smile turned into a frown and then frustration.

My kid sister sat by my side looking at the cube and my face alternatively. It was a second when i held it to be throw away. But a wonderful idea saved it from turning into small pieces of cubes.

In minutes i was removing the same colored stickers and sticking on the same face of the cube. Finished the final version of the cube; same as it arrived and quite contended. Ran up to my uncle and showed him the non-impressive stickers dropping out of the face, the most embarrassing act i was caught for performing.

That was the first and the last time i played it, i would just kick it in a corner every time it jumped out of my toy cupboard.

Today, Rubik’s cube is the most fascinating toy i like to take up any time and any where i see, Start to solve it, end up pulling my hair and keeping it away from my eyes. Still not a cube person it seems.


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