The pee story

Today morning was so cool, work on mind, cleaning, cooking, recipes, brainstorming of logo design, phew… things were going right and bang on time happening. But as you know the day doesn’t go as you plan. The test is always on with if you could finish the planned things or not with all the consequences that comes before your plans.

Finished cleaning, cooking and merrily went to maid to give a hand. But giving a hand took away my blood too. I was taking out a jar from the water tub and what happens out of blue…. red blood is streaming out of my finger tip and i kept looking at it with wonder. How did i get a cut????? The blood was oozing like it is never going to stop and my heart was sinking to lose as it takes so many months and lots of food to manufacture a drop of blood. Here a 10ml bottle is filling up and i could not think of anything. But that was not it. The painful part was here. I had to go to pee.



I just couldn’t wait, I had to go. But how??? The blood kept running and my finger paining, what to do and how to go. The home remedy seemed not working. I pressed and pressed the turmeric and cotton on the wound but no sign of  relief. Finally after 20 minutes the cotton was bloody red and no sign of blood streaming out like a spring. The instant reaction to that was,rush to the loo. Finally, i was at peace.

I am still wondering what is the connection between getting hurt and the utter pee pressure that occurs.


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