My Soap Opera World

I shifted to a new place 2 months before. There has been a change of life drama since then. Variety of people like a box of chocolates, different, very different from what i have met or stayed with all these years.

Everyday its kind of a new day. You have to be ready to play a new role in a new surprise drama. 3 people and 12 different dramas come out of all 3 periods of the day. You can never guess what is going to be when you wake up and before you sleep.

I think it has never been such a satisfying life before all this drama started in my life. Its almost like a Live Soap Opera, camera rolling and we playing our parts in real, no fake faces worn, no make up (in shorts and spaghetti), no lines, no rehearsals, its all instant and a surprise.

Welcome to my Soap Opera World.