Once upon a time, I was asked in an interview about my favorite story,

‘A Little Match Girl’ was my prompt reply.

Till date I am not sure about that one thing that still makes me like the story. there were so many things I guess, the style of narration, the story line, the details in it, the good part, the sad part, so many things rolled in one.

Thinking about it today, it just occurs to me that the best thing about the story is the MAGIC.

Not that i believe staunchly in Magic, magician or things happening to me without efforts, It’s the word ‘MAGIC’.

The Magic in the word ‘MAGIC’. It lights me up, brightens my smile and lifts my spirits. It gives me a freshness about life and belief that in this temporary life; unexpected things can happen and we can always dream, expect, realize and recognize some things to happen.

Life does take a turn, sometimes suddenly, so stay happy and hopeful and feel the MAGIC. A MAGIC of every NOW.


I want to live 200 years

Once a teacher asked our class: ‘Who wants to live 200 years?’

I was the only one to raise my hand. heheheheh… an instant reaction to the question was an excited hand without a single thought.

I just said: “I want to live 200 years”.

Th teacher and the students laughed on me.

Still I kept my composure and smiled.i knew at that time that I have so much to do, so much to explore, so much to learn in this wide world and about this wide world and the life given.

Maybe on my 200th birthday i will make a wish blowing my candles:’God i want some more years, so much is left’.

I hear people dying everyday and it just gives me ;this thought that they chose to die as they chose to do nothing about their life. Poor people, they don’t realize that so much can be done everyday if they wish, want to and try to.

People usually die when they are not sure of their purpose or don’t have any purpose.

I am all ready with a long to do list, with a tortoise pace and wishing myself a Happy Journey everyday.