My Hiccups

the words are rushing out.

its all about what i think, feel and wish.

most of it will come in lower alphabets, my love doesn’t seems to fail for lower case, the speed i can write we and the feeling of oneness that it brings.

Hiccups started when some words were shuffling themselves in my mind to form poem and then prose and during that thinking process i actually started getting hiccups. There was no thinking, re-thinking on what i should be doing next. took the best blogging service i could think of and started off with pouring my thoughts under the name Hiccups.

there are times when i am just thinking and thinking and end up writing on paper and losing it and few words just manage to fall right in the computer and manages to be on blog.

Hoping to keep writing more here and not losing the papers. Save paper, save time. save world.

August 23. 2009.


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