Tea Cup

A cup of tea is all I want in any state, come sun, come moon, come rain, come winter. A cup of tea is like a replenisher of heart and soul.

My day starts with a cup of ginger tea and ends with another cup of ginger tea.

I am best friends with people who love tea. Loving tea means ready to drink any hour of the day or night, after lunch or dinner, before lunch or dinner, while chit chatting, anyone is depressed or upset, can’t have good thoughts, there is no motivation today. A cup of ginger tea helps in everything. Right fron being an eye opener to heart opener, it looks after everything.

I really wonder how do people survive who doesn’t like tea???

I have made friends over tea, mended hearts over tea, cooled my anger with a tea .

A cup of tea and a gush of good thoughts and ideas. A cup of tea and a divinity falls upon my soul.

How can someone not love tea? It just does so many things. 🙂 ×3