The Lemonade Brigade

Days back I was at my sister’s place. It was a hot summer evening and nothing greater than a chilled drink  be drained down the food pipe.


My sister offered to server Lemonade to the guests and was off to her kitchen. She waved me to assist her and off I was to do so. In there she announced that I am going to prepare the lemonade. It was like a sky had fallen on me. I was hell nervous and forgot what a Lemonade is and how it is prepared.

Looking at me she understood the plight and handed me some lemons and ice and sugar etc. to start with. I started squeezing the lemons and cursing her for why she had to make to do this, what if it is total disaster and they have to spew. All kinds of dangerous thoughts clustered my mind and I started squeezing the lemons more. She saw my action and said: ‘See that you don’t make it bitter, the way you served an aunty once’.

Oh my god, her words took me in the past when I had just learnt to prepare lemonade. I can’t forget that day and how I was a laughing stock.

My mom’s friend visited us in a summer morning. After about half an hour my mom asked us girls to prepare some lemonade. I took the opportunity to show how much I have learnt as almost everyone knows that I can not even peel a potato.

I started by squeezing the lemon, all the juice from the lemon in the glass, added some sugar and salt and black pepper and wow it was ready without asking any ingredient to my mom.

I presented it with a mint leaf on the top. So very excited to get the comments of how good it tastes, I waited by my aunt’s side. And to my horror she gave an awful expression of dislike. I was instant to say how hard I have worked to prepare her the drink. She did not say further and asked a glass of lemonade for my mom too. My mom too gave the same expression of dislike. Now I had to taste and it was the same expression I gave like the two ladies. Eeeeeekkkkk.. what did I make????!!!!

I was then given this divine knowledge by the ladies that I had actually squeezed the lemon so hard and gathered the two lemon peels and again squeezed them in the lemonade which made it terribly bitter and no salt or sugar could straighten it at any cost. My aunt was prompt to say that it seems you must be angry on me to squeeze the lemon seeds too and make me drink it to kill me.

So awful that they laughed and laughed and I promised not to prepare any lemonade in my life ever and here it was a time again to take care that I don’t crush the seeds again and become a laughing stock.