Too busy with Technology


Thats the right expression that comes down these days. With the development in technology I thought its gonna be easy to manage and now see; it is harder than i believed it will be.

Technology has opened gates to the world and vast sea of knowledge. This sea made me hungry to know more things from every¬†nook¬†and corner of the world and you won’t believe I almost am logged in in more than 20 sites.

Honestly, I don’t remember which all unless i open up my diary. Sometimes it happens that I bookmark it, and save pages so I don’t forget such a good site and when I try to sign up it shows me that my account already exists. Surfing back my diary I sure do get the login details.

It is surely a headache to track what all platforms you exist on, what all platforms you are active on and what all platforms you are inactive, expired and thrown out.

The more I thought I will be active, the more I screwed things, forgetting passwords, forgetting login ids and emails.


My idea to login and surf so much and save information in other sites and to note that in some other was to keep myself free most of the time. Had no idea its gonna be tough.

Did I forget telling you that i do have to save some info in my mobile too!

See one more product added. And every new handset I buy I have to go through hours of learning and setting and transferring what I saved before.

In all these technology learning and unlearning I totally forgot about the 2 blogs I am managing. Poor blogs, how could I forget about them and neglect for so long. Its a complete blame on technology that kept me busy.

I hereby declare that I will stick to what I like the most, writing and reading.

O hell, I forgot completing that book too I am reading since last 3 years.